General control device and work practice requirements (40 CFR Part 60.18 Subpart A)

Applicability to crude oil and natural gas industry

40 CFR Part 60 Subpart A is a general provisions subpart which is used for administrative convenience (e.g., many general requirements are housed in Subpart A and referenced by other portions of the CAA regulations. A “referencing subpart” is a subpart which references to Subpart A).

Subpart A includes sections relating to monitoring, recordkeeping, and reporting as well as the conduct of performance tests and other requirements to ensure compliance with the standards.

Compliance information

Compliance date: Compliance dates are based on the compliance date of the referencing subpart. In general, the compliance date for sources subject to an NSPS is upon promulgation of the referencing subpart or startup, whichever is later.

More information

Compliance Monitoring. New Source Performance Standards and State Implementation Plans.